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Company Profile

NIO Inc. is a pioneer in China’s premium electric vehicle market. We design, jointly manufacture, and sell smart and connected premium electric vehicles, driving innovations in next generation technologies in connectivity, autonomous driving and artificial intelligence. Redefining user experience, we provide users with comprehensive, convenient and innovative charging solutions and other user-centric service offerings. NIO’s Chinese name, Weilai, which means Blue Sky Coming, reflects our vision and commitment to a more environmentally friendly future.

The first model we developed was the EP9 supercar, introduced in 2016. Combined with an attractive design and strong driving performance, the EP9 delivers extraordinary acceleration and best-in-class electric powertrain technology, helping position us as a premium brand.

We launched our first volume manufactured electric vehicle, the ES8, to the public at our NIO Day event on December 16, 2017 and began making deliveries from June 28, 2018. The ES8 is a 7-seater all aluminum alloy body, premium electric SUV that offers exceptional performance, functionality and mobility lifestyle. NIO officially launched the ES6, a 5-seater high-performance premium electric SUV, in December 2018 and began the first deliveries of the ES6 in June 2019. We are a pioneer in automotive smart connectivity and enhanced Level 2 autonomous driving. NOMI, which we believe is one of the most advanced in-car AI assistants developed by a Chinese company, is a voice activated AI digital companion that personalizes the user’s driving experience.

We offer comprehensive value-added services and a convenient and innovative suite of charging solutions to our users. These solutions include Power Home, our home charging solution, Power Swap, our innovative battery swapping service, Power Mobile, our mobile charging service through charging trucks, and Power Express, our 24-hour on-demand pick-up and drop-off charging service. We believe these solutions and services, together, will create a holistic user experience throughout the vehicle lifecycle.

We sell our vehicles through our own sales network, including NIO Houses and our mobile application. NIO Houses are not only the showrooms for our vehicles, but also clubhouses for our users with multiple social functions. Our mobile application fosters a dynamic and interactive online platform. We believe our online and offline integrated community will retain user engagement and cultivate loyalty to our brand, along with other successful branding activities such as our annual NIO Day and our championship winning Formula E team.

At NIO, we envision a future where improved smart electric car technologies, coupled with a better car ownership experience, will drive increased appreciation and adoption of smart electric cars, leading to a more sustainable future for the planet.