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Ganesh V. Iyer

Ganesh V. Iyer

Chief Executive Officer of NIO U.S.

Mr. Ganesh V. Iyer joined our Company in April 2016, and currently serves as our chief executive officer of NIO U.S. Mr. Iyer has over 33 years of experience delivering proven results in various industries including autonomous technology, hi-tech, manufacturing, and telecom. Mr. Iyer worked as vice president of Information Technology at Tesla Inc. until 2016. Prior to Tesla, where he served as vice president of Information Technology, Mr. Iyer joined VMWare in 2010 and held senior information technology leadership roles at VMWare. Prior to VMWare, Mr. Iyer served as director of information technology at Juniper Networks and WebEx and worked in consulting primarily at Electronic Data Systems. Mr. Iyer received a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering from the University of Calicut in India.